My Story

Jean Hofve, DVM

Jean Hofve, DVM

Welcome to my personal MOXXOR story!

I have made the commitment to enrich my health and life in every way, and MOXXOR is a part of that. But the journey took a few interesting twists and turns!

I took fish oil for many years. I started with a well-known natural grocery store’s private-label product, which gave me such bad “fish burps” that I could only take it at night. (Later, I discovered that fish burps are a sign of rancidity–yuck!). So I changed to a much better brand, and later I even became an advisor and spokesperson for that well-respected company. (I still believe it is the best quality fish oil for pets you can buy…but there’s more to the story!)  

Then I tried MOXXOR–though mostly to stop my dear friend, MOXXOR Holistic Advisory Board Member and nutritionist Dr. Celeste Yarnall, from pestering me about it! 

Even though I surely didn’t have an Omega-3 “deficiency” of any kind (since I had already been taking high doses of fish oil for years), and I didn’t expect anything to happen, within three days I felt a dramatic increase in my energy, clarity of thinking, and feeling of well-being. I was shocked!

I must admit that I am a total geek, and I research EVERYTHING before I make a decision. Despite the improvement I could feel, I still examined everything about MOXXOR in great detail. It is not a particularly “high potency” product, so what accounts for its startling effects? I believe there are three main reasons for this:

1. The broad natural array of 18 fatty acids in the green-lipped mussel from which MOXXOR is made. Other Omega-3 products have been processed to contain EPA and DHA, but these are just the most commonly studied Omega-3s–there are many others. For example, eicosatetraenoic acid (ETA) is another Omega-3 that has had been studied very little, but the results that have been published so far are quite remarkable. 

2. The way the oil is processed. MOXXOR is cold-extracted, never heated or frozen. Other oils have been extracted with solvents, heat, or other harsh processes. Even the best Omega-3 oils are molecularly distilled (a process that purifies the oil and removes contaminants, but uses heat), and the structure of the fatty acid molecules is changed into a different form from that found in nature. The most notable “prescription” Omega-3 product is esterified (changed into an ester, a particular chemical form), which makes it even less bioavailable to the body. MOXXOR’s Omega-3s are in the phospholipid form. I believe this gives MOXXOR extraordinary bioavailability; that is, it’s easy for  the body to digest, absorb, and efficiently utilize it.

3. The inclusion of powerful natural antioxidants from organic chardonnay grape seed husks and kiwi fruit seeds adds real muscle to the anti-inflammatory properties of the green-lipped mussel oil. 

Personally, I also like that the way MOXXOR mussels are grown and the oil is made are clean, organic, sustainable, and humane. And there are no filler oils, as there are in the huge capsules from other sources.

I take MOXXOR every day myself, and I also give it to my cats (which is easy because the capsules are so small!). As a person, as a geek, as a scientist, and as a veterinarian, I strongly recommend MOXXOR for both human and animal members of your family.

Please feel free to contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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